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Our Measures for COVID-19

Updated May 18.

In light of the current COVID-19 news we wanted to reach out to let you know the safety measures that we already take to protect our staff and customers, and to share the extra measures we are taking to further protect everyone. 

As of Monday, March 30th, we are offering two options for shopping: shopping by appointment and ordering online. Below is an explanation of how each option works.

And as always, we will continue to support our community partners – with one difference. For the next quarter instead of waiting to make our donation at the end of the quarter, we will be making a monthly donation, as we recognize that during this tough time the immediate need for donations is greater than ever. Our Community Partner until March 31 is MOSH, and our community partner through April-June will be Feed Nova Scotia

Shopping by Appointment

You can book an appointment online (click here), and we will be ready for you at the shop. We ask all customers to please bring no more than one other person into the shop. The entrance to the shop will be through the door off Creighton St, which is at street level and fully accessible. Once you are inside the shop, we ask that you respect our policies and wash your hands in the bathroom prior to approaching the counter.

As you approach the counter you’ll notice a mini barricade at the end of it, to stop you from going further into the shop. During your appointment you will be the only customer.

We will provide you with a cleaning spray, and ask you to wipe down all your containers with it.  We will then weigh your containers for you and fill them up with products you would like. It would be really helpful to us if you could pre-label your containers with what you would like in each, and if you don’t want it filled, to draw a line to indicate where you would like us to fill it to. 

Between each appointment, all surfaces, door handles, payment terminal, and other high touch areas will be sanitized. 

We will do our best to keep a running list of products that we are sold out of on the bulk store and cafe page of our website (click here), and update it as products are replenished. 

Shopping Online

Shopping online will be available as of March 30, when we launch our new website. We will be adding products to the website on a daily basis (click here). Once you place your order online, we will prepare it in the store. When it is ready, you will receive an email from us with pickup instructions. Online orders will take approximately 1-3 days to fill. Our shop as of May 18 is now open seven days a week.

Liquids will be in jars and dry goods will be in paper bags. For orders prepared in jars, there will be a $2 fee added onto each product online. If you return the jar, you’ll receive a $1.50 credit. (The extra 50 cents covers our costs of handling and washing.) 

For products in a paper bag, there is a surcharge of 50 cents for each paper bag, which goes towards the cost of the bag and handling. We are still waiting for our order of paper bags to arrive, so for the moment only liquids will be for sale online. 

When you come to the shop to pick up your order, please wait on the street and we will bring your order to you in a big paper bag or box. We will place your order on a table or box outside and ask that you respect the 2m (6ft) distance while we do that. 

Safety measures we already take

  • Each scoop, spoon, and funnel is washed and sanitized after each use. All dishes are washed and sanitized after each use. Our bulk jars and containers are also regularly washed and sanitized.
  • Staff regularly clean surfaces throughout the shop.
  • Staff regularly wash their hands.
  • When making espresso based drinks, we pull the shots into a glass cup before pouring the shot into the mug or travel mug.
  • Staff are asked not to come in if they are sick.

Additional safety measures

  • All containers must be empty and clean.
  • In addition to hand towels in our washrooms, we are now providing paper towel as an option. Please use what you feel comfortable with.
  • Staff will wipe down door handles, light switches, fridge doors, keypad on our POS system etc., in addition to all surfaces in between each shopping by appointment.
  • We will not be accepting containers for our container library until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

What we are asking YOU to do

Please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before bulk shopping (and regularly). If you are showing signs or symptoms, please avoid coming in – consider asking a healthy friend or neighbour to shop for you. Please avoid hoarding items as they take away from resources others need. Buy what you need and lookout for your friends, family, and neighbours. We will be selling a maximum of 12 toilet paper rolls  per person. Support small and local businesses – many will likely be facing hard times. Be kind and patient to our staff, other customers, and each other. 

Information and Resources

Signs and symptoms of COVID-19:

  • fever
  • cough
  • difficulty breathing
  • pneumonia in both lungs


Additional Resources: