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Chemex 6 Cup Filters CoffeeSock - Pack of 2

Chemex 6 Cup Filters CoffeeSock - Pack of 2

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Brew Method: Pour Over
6 Cup Chemex®
8 Cup Chemex®
10 Cup Chemex®
Comes in pack of 2 filters
100% Made from USDA Certified organic cotton
Handmade in the USA


HotBrew Instructions

Initially, boil new filters in fresh water to clean and shrink for 10 minutes.

Using your favourite method of brewing, add the desired amount of coffee, and brew as is customary.

After brewing, discard grounds (great for the compost), and thoroughly rinse the filter.

Hang filter to dry.

Periodically, once every 4-6 weeks boil filters in fresh water to remove accumulated coffee oils.

If the filters are soiled with perishable food at anytime, boil for at least 5 minutes to sanitize.

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