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Multi Scrubber - Luffa

Multi Scrubber - Luffa

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This product is very versatile. It can be used in the shower, to clean dishes, or clean your house with!

When submersed in warm water and drizzled with your favourite soap, your luffa sponge naturally becomes just right - between luxuriously soft and scratch.

Recommended luffa care instructions:

Hang to dry after each use. Wash luffa regularly with a mild vinegar and water solution. We encourage you to occasionally rinse your luffa in a bleach to water solution to extend the life of your luffa.
Sustainability is a critical value for Annapolis Valley Luffa founder, Cindy Oulton. With some help from mother nature, Annapolis Valley Luffa products are locally grown and developed through Cindy's hard work, dedication and love for the environment.
This unique Canadian Luffa is grown organically in Nova Scotia, providing satisfying choices for earth-friendly citizens. Annapolis Valley Luffa eliminates any need to sacrifice luxury and convenience for sustainability.