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Zero Waste Laundry Tips

Doing laundry can not only be a long process but a wasteful one too. Not only the amount of water and energy you use when using a washer and dryer, other components such as detergents and stain removers can have harsh ingredients that will then be going into the water. Here are some Tare Shop products that work for not only myself but our customers as well.

a laundry basket sits on a wooden floor. There's a black radiator to the left of the basket and a shut white door to the right of the basket.

Tips for a waste-free laundry day

  1. If you're like me and multi-tasking (or just forgetful) I always set a timer when I'm doing laundry so I don't forget to switch my load and have to rewash it as it's been sitting wet in the machine!
  2. Line dry, or hang your clothes to dry. This will also help lengthen your clothes lifetime!
  3. Wash your clothes with cold water. Setting it to 'tap cold' or cold water on your washing machine will save energy.
  4. Only wash when necessary and don't wash your clothes if they aren't dirty!
Wool Dryer Balls 

You may be thinking: how can a ball made out of wool be waste free? Well, these small hand-crafted wool dryer balls save you time and money. They reduce drying time which saves you on electricity and also preserves the lifespan of your clothing. It quickens your dryer time through making space between clothing when it tumbles in the wash, and wool absorbs excess water. No preservatives or dyes have been added. The wool dryer balls sold at The Tare Shop can last up to 500+ loads!

a close up of white dryer balls

Stain Remover for Stubborn Stains

That coffee you spilled all over your shirt rushing to class or that mustard stain on your brand new blouse can be removed by this all natural stain remover! This stain remover by Buncha Farmer works on the toughest of stains and can be used on an abundance of materials. You can also cut a piece and place it in your wash load to only enhance your load of laundry. If you are going to hand wash your items after using the stain remover, wash with hot water for better results.

Soap Nuts

If detergent strips aren’t for you, another option to use are soap nuts. Soap nuts are berries grown in the Himalayas. They naturally produce a surfactant that gently cleanses your clothing. If you are sensitive to smells and other detergents, soap nuts are a great alternative. These are also insanely cost effective and work out to be about $0.05/load of laundry – read our blog post here for a full breakdown of how to use soap nuts.

How to use Soap Nuts instead of Traditional Detergent

Simply place 2-4 in the provided cloth bag (or even in an old sock and tie it) and toss in the washer with your clothes‚ they sud up naturally and act as a natural fabric softener in the rinse cycle. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean and super soft.

Soap nuts can be re-used up to 5-10 times making them a super affordable option!

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