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Second Trimester Essentials for a Zero Waste Pregnancy

Wow, they weren’t lying that you feel like a new person in your second trimester! I have energy again, feel like myself, and am (generally) loving being pregnant after the first trimester. 

I’ve had really bad headaches throughout my pregnancy, but stopped taking Diclectin (prescribed to help with nausea) around 18 weeks and have found my headaches have gotten better. Some tips for headaches:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Make sure you’re getting enough protein 
  • Cool compress on the head
  • Massages or acupuncture 

As with my first blog post about pregnancy, just because something here has worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Every pregnancy is different! As well, zero waste is a myth, and instead of focusing on ‘zero-waste’ here’s what’s helped me through my second trimester, and what’s helped me make it lower waste. 

Pregnancy cravings 

I didn’t think I was really having any cravings until one day I (classically) NEEDED pickles and bowl of ice cream stat! Tips for buying packaged food low waste, would be to buy bigger case sizes. So if you’re craving ice cream, instead of buying ice cream bars, buy a big tub! And buy that big jar of pickles! 

It’s not ice cream, but when I’ve been out of ice cream and in a pinch (also this is a healthier alternative, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a bowl of ice cream) I’ve made my own! 

‘Ice Cream’
  • 1 or 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 tablespoon of cacao powder
  • Milk or milk alternative of your choosing 
  • Maple syrup 
  • Optional : a heaping spoon of peanut butter, protien powder, or greek yogurt

Blend together and enjoy! If you don’t have frozen bananas, you can add in a few ice cubes! 

Epsom salts 

Especially where I’m working on my feet most days, coming home and having a hot (but not too hot) bath with Epsom salts (and a bowl of ice cream) has been a standard for me. Epsom salts are great for achey muscles * link to benefits of Epsom salts and safe during pregnancy. 

Pelvic Floor Physio

So this isn’t necessarily a ‘low waste’ pregnancy tip, but seeing a pelvic physio will help you along your pregnancy journey! I’ve been going to Brickyard Health and seeing Alexa. I know all this work I’m putting in now will help me in the later stages of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery! In fact, I was seeing Alexa before I was pregnant to help with my painful periods and sore hips! 


Again, snacks deserve a shoutout here, as having go-to snacks is so key! Some healthy and yummy things I’ve been snacking on are:

  • roasted chickpeas: I usually make a big batch and keep them to snack on throughout the day. I love adding olive oil, salt and pepper, paprika, and nutritional yeast
  • roasted nuts: so easy and yummy! My go-to seasoning has been cinnamon, cayenne, and honey.
  • apples and peanut butter: a classic! I usually also sprinkle some hemp seeds on it.
slices of apple with peanut butter on them sit on a wooden cutting board
Belly Band

Again, where I’m working on my feet so much, in a physical job, a belly band for support has been really helpful! You can likely find one second hand, or hit up Nurtured if you’re in Halifax!

Shopping second hand

There is SO much baby stuff that you can find second hand. My partner and I have been doing our research on what items we think we’ll need, and then searching Marketplace or second hand sites for what we’re looking for. We’ve also been hitting up some clothing swaps and getting hand-me-downs from friends who’ve had kids! 

Belly Butter

The belly butter we sell has been so nice to use so far. I usually get my partner to rub it on my belly as a nice way for him to bond with the belly, and us to spend some time with the growing bump! The belly butter is a very intense moisturizer and can help to prevent stretch marks and ease itching from your growing skin. You can also use coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or other moisturizers!

Loving my bump

I’ve been loving my pregnant body and growing bump. It’s been amazing to watch what my body can do! For someone with body image issues, I am reminding myself when I start to worry about weight, or how clothes are fitting that my body is doing something incredible, and is meant to be growing and stretching. 

a pregnant person holds their belly wearing a sweater and a white dress

Stay tuned for more pregnancy tips and tricks as I continue on this journey, but in the meantime read this blog post on Eco-Friendly Baby Essentials at The Tare Shop!

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