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Eco-Friendly Baby Essentials at The Tare Shop

One of our team members, Tessa, is out on Mat leave and wrote this lovely blog post of all her Tare Shop eco-friendly products to use postpartum.

Now that Rosalie is two months old (how time flies!) I’m confident sharing my Tare Shop favourites that have helped us through the postpartum period and newborn stage.

Baby balm

We use this at nearly every diaper change to sooth her skin and help prevent diaper rash. As a protective layer it’s easily wiped off, making the cleaning process easier as well. If you’re currently pregnant I’d also recommend Anointment’s belly butter. I used it everyday as a way to connect with my growing belly.

Cloth wipes

I bought two packs of cloth wipes before Rosie was born and have been using them ever since! We haven’t had to purchase any disposables so these reusables will save us money in the long run (if they haven’t already). Even if you’re using disposable diapers I’d recommend trying cloth wipes, they’re sure to be an easy, economical and sustainable switch.

Wipe solution

To use with the wipes I mix together a spoonful each of Castile soap and sunflower oil with about a cup of water in a small spray bottle. We spray this on a wipe before each use. The Castile soap cleans gently and the oil creates a nice slip so that there’s no pulling on her skin. 

Massage oil

Sunflower or olive oil are great choices to use for massaging babes! It’s important to choose an edible oil as they will put their hands (and feet!) in their mouths. I infused sunflower oil with chamomile and calendula flowers for some added skin benefits and use that for massage and in my wipe solution. *please do your own research first to make sure anything you add is safe for baby

Stain remover stick

I used this pre-baby as well, but it has been especially great for poop stains on her clothes and various soft surfaces around the house like bed sheets and couch cushions.

Baby hairbrush

This brush is incredibly soft so I feel comfortable using it to gently exfoliate Rosie’s head. It also makes the little bit of hair she has stick up which is super cute.


The first few weeks postpartum I was ravenous! Towards the end of my pregnancy I made a bunch of energy balls and kept them in the freezer. Every night I’d take a few out for snacking during nighttime feeds- the little treat made waking up three times a night a bit easier. Most ingredients required like oats, dates, various nuts, seeds and dried fruit are all available at The Tare Shop. There are recipes all over the internet, my favourite being “Almond Joy Energy Bites” from the Minimalist Baker blog. Some other snacks I made sure to have on hand included banana chips, apples with almond butter, and chia seeds mixed with yoghurt and topped with granola and blueberries. 

Body & haircare

Babies love the natural scent of their parents! switched to unscented deodorant, shampoo and conditioner so that I always smell familiar. The Mulberry sticks are my favourite deodorant, and both Oneka and Upfront have unscented shampoo and conditioner options. 

Other tips-

If you have the energy before your baby arrives, I highly recommend making homemade meals and snacks to freeze. The Tare Shop has lentils, beans and grains for nourishing soups and stews, and all the baking ingredients needed to make and stash away healthy granola bars and muffins.

Buy used- there is so much gently used baby stuff out there! I found a lot of great gear on Facebook marketplace. It feels good not to rely on new things, especially since they will likely only be needed for a short time. Hand me downs from friends and family are wonderful, thoughtful gifts. I was blown away with the generosity of several of our Tare Shop regulars who, having had babies within the last year, passed down to me their maternity wear and newborn clothes. That feeling of support is something I will never forget.

To all expectant parents out there- once the family is settled and comfortable venturing out, the Tare Shop welcomes you and your babies! If Rosalie and I have multiple errands to run in a day I make the shop our halfway point. We can relax for a few minutes and use the bathroom, nurse, have a glass of water and something to eat before filling our containers. The Dartmouth store on a weekday is a bit quieter, with lots of space to spread out, so I’d recommend that location if you have little ones! Maybe next time we’ll see you there :)

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