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The benefits of shopping zero-waste

Shopping package-free can take a little more prep work than your typical grocery shop, but shopping this way allows you to reduce your waste, and have a positive impact on the environment. We thought we would put together this handy guide to help you prep for your package-free grocery shop! 

There are so many benefits to shopping package-free:

  • saves you money: many of the refill options are actually cheaper than their packaged counterparts. Plus if you only need a teaspoon of a certain spice for a recipe you're trying, you can buy the exact quantity you need instead of buying a big container.
  • reduces food waste: when you shop package-free you get to choose the quantities you’re buying! This enables you to buy exactly what you need and you end up cutting down on food waste! 
  • reduces plastic waste: by bringing your own packaging, and reusing containers you already have, you’re keeping new containers and food packaging out of the waste stream!
  • supporting local: at The Tare Shop we purchase what we can from local suppliers, meaning that when you shop with us, you're not only helping our small business but all the suppliers we purchase from! 
  • supporting a differing way of consuming: when you support your local refillery or shop with The Tare Shop online you’re actively supporting a different way of consuming and shopping. You’re voting with your dollars, and supporting the kind of future you want to see

a wall of shelves with jars of bulk products

1. Make sure your containers are clean and empty

You can bring in any kind of container you want! That’s right, you can bring in glass jars, plastic or paper bags, tupperware, old takeout containers – as long as it’s clean and empty you are good to go! We love seeing the creative containers folks reuse, and no one is judging you for reusing a plastic container or bag. 

2. Make a list! 

Kate’s tip is to write on each container what is going into it  – grease pencils work great for that, or you can make a list on your phone or scrap paper! We can probably all relate to getting to the grocery store and not remembering everything you needed to get. 

a person writes in a notebook with a pen


3. Bring more containers than you think you need

No matter how prepared you are, there might be something you forgot, or something you didn’t know we carry! Bring a few extras just in c ase, or you can always buy one of our cleaned and sanitized repurposed containers for $0.50.

4. Know that jars aren’t great for everything

Not everything fits perfectly into jars – our dried mangoes fit better in larger mouthed containers, tofu fits better in a larger container. Think about what you are getting and what it would fit best into! Again, no one is judging you :) We love to reuse an old circular plastic takeout container for corn tortillas. 

5. Use a funnel

We're mega fans of funnels at The Tare Shop. Funnels are great to help reduce spills and therefor reducing food waste!  We have lots of funnels for you to use in-store, and we even sell them to help you in your kitchen!

a person wearing a black apron fills a jar with nutritional yeast

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