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Got a lot of questions? We’ve got a lot of answers.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

We sure are! Our wheelchair accessible door is located just off Creighton. Learn more about accessibility at The Tare Shop here.

How do I buy bulk food at The Tare Shop?
You’ll bring your own clean jars, containers, or bags to our store, we will weigh them at the tare station and write the weight on the container or bag. Then you fill each container with the grains, condiments, spices or other goodies you want. At the cash we will deduct the weight of your containers so you aren’t paying for them. Then go home and cook that yummy meal you had planned.

Are plastic containers ok?
You bet! You can bring any kind of container – glass, plastic, cloth bags, plastic bags, Tupperware, etc!

What bulk products do you sell?
We have a huge variety of bulk products for sale. Ranging from flour, spaghetti, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and more! For the full list of what we have in our bulk section, please click here.

How do I return the item I purchased?
All bulk purchases are final sale. We are unable to do refunds but with proof of purchase will do an exchange.

What does Tare even mean?
tare: noun
A deduction from the gross weight of a substance and its container made in allowance for the weight of the container; also : the weight of the container.

I’ve never shopped zero-waste. Where do I start?
It can be overwhelming but you can start with simple things such as bringing your own grocery bags and refusing plastic waste. We will have workshops and info sessions on how to get started, but in the mean-time check out our blog to read about various tips and tricks on going zero-waste.

Do you have somewhere I can sit and study or hangout?
Absolutely! Our cafe has seating in store and you are welcome to hangout, catchup with a friend, or do some work! **Our cafe is currently closed due to COVID and we haver removed all the seating.

Do you offer discounts for anyone?
On Tuesdays we offer 10% off bulk and lifestyle for students with a valid student ID, and on Wednesdays we offer 10% off bulk and lifestyle for seniors (65+).

If I have tons of jars and containers, am I able to donate them to you?
For sure! We are building a container library so that people who forget their jars can come in and take some for free.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Cash, credit, or debit!

Why did you choose to use glass jars for bulk products?
While it does require a little extra leg work, we are so pleased with how our jars have allowed us to keep the store clean, products fresh and to minimize cross contamination. At the end of the day, the large gravity bins are still plastic and difficult to recycle if they were to break or if we should decide to make changes to the store. We are happy knowing our glass jars will be able to reused or recycled at the end of their useful Tare Shop Life!

If I order something online, how long does it take and what materials do you use to ship?
After placing your order, it typically takes 1-3 business days to ship. Within Canada we use CanadaPost Express Shipping – this can up to a week depending on where you are in Canada. Outside of Canada orders can take 1-2 weeks to arrive. We reuse boxes and packing paper to send all orders, and plastic-free tape!

How does your Busy Day Container program work?
You can drop off containers with what you want written on each container, and our team will fill up the containers for you (we will assume that you want the containers full unless specified otherwise). The cost is $3 for three jars, $0.50 per additional jar after that. Once the order is ready, we will call or text you so you know when you can come pick up your goods.

On Wednesday’s we offer this program for FREE for anyone with mobility issues (Wednesday’s is also our Senior discount day – 10% of bulk and lifestyle for anyone 65+).

What is your 1% forward program and how does it work?
We were inspired by the 1% for the Planet organization, but wanted to give directly to partners in our community. Each quarter we will choose a different parter to donate 1% of our sales to. Learn more about how to nominate a group here.