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Our story

The Tare Shop is a package-free coffee shop and bulk store. As the first package-free store in Halifax, we provide alternatives to over-packaged food, household, and personal items.

Founded by Kate Pepler in October 2018, in central Halifax, The Tare Shop aims to reduce barriers and encourage more sustainable living.

You are able to grab your coffee, groceries, beauty supplies and more, all package-free. We also host engaging community events such as workshops and lectures.

Like any great idea, The Tare Shop was born out of a burning need and desire to do better. 

What is package-free?

To us, package-free living means taking action to reduce your personal waste, reusing and repurposing what you already have, and striving to live with less single-use plastic. We provide long-term alternatives to single-use plastic items in order to help you help the world!

Meet Kate

Kate Pepler graduated from Dalhousie University with a BA in Sustainability, Environmental Science and a minor in Marine Biology. For a year after completing her degree, she was feeling overwhelmed with the doom and gloom narrative of our Earth’s health. This helped her “Eureka!” moment of creating Tare – which combines all of her passions – oceans, reducing plastic pollution, environmental education, and fostering community – into one community-based business.