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The Tare Shop is located in K'jipuktuk, which is known today as Haliax, Nova Scotia. As a business, one of our focuses is to give back to the local community from which we operate. In January 2020, we started our 1% forward program to put this focus into action.

1% forward

Every quarter we donate 1% of our sales to a group or organization in Halifax. These groups are nominated by our community and operate to improve social, environmental, or health-based gaps in our society.

These groups do not have to be registered charities; we want to support any sized organization, big or small.

Nominate a group or organization and help us support a great cause.


2SQTQBIPOC Healing Fund: October-December 2020.
The 2SQTBIPOC Healing Fund is an emerging initiative based in Kjipuktuk/ Halifax that seeks to provide members of our 2SQTBIPOC Community with discretionary funding for therapy and other mental health focused resources. To read more about the work they do, please check out the GoFundMe by clicking here.

Eddie Carvery: July-September 2020.
This quarter we have chosen Eddie Carvery as our Community Partner. Eddie was born and raised in Africville. After the community was bulldozed in the 1960s he returned to Africville in 1970s to protest. 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Eddie's peaceful protest. To read more about Eddie, please check out the GoFundMe by clicking here.

Feed Nova Scotia: April-June 2020
Feed Nova Scotia's mission is to increase food security through food distribution, education and collaboration. Learn more about Feed NS here.

MOSH: January-March 2020
Our first recipient of the 1% forward program is Mobile Outreach Street Health (MOSH). Founded in 2008, MOSH provides medical and operational therapy services to the community in Halifax's north end. Learn more about MOSH here.