The Tare Shop is located in K'jipuktuk, which is known today as Haliax, Nova Scotia. As a business, one of our focuses is to give back to the local community from which we operate. In January 2020, we started our 1% forward program to put this focus into action.

1% forward

Every quarter we donate 1% of our sales to a group or organization in Halifax. These groups are nominated by our community and operate to improve social, environmental, or health-based gaps in our society.

These groups do not have to be registered charities; we want to support any sized organization, big or small.

Nominate a group or organization and help us support a great cause.


MOSH: January 2020
Our first recipient of the 1% forward program is Mobile Outreach Street Health (MOSH). Founded in 2008, MOSH provides medical and operational therapy services to the community in Halifax's north end. Learn more about MOSH here.