Shop in-store (no appointment needed) or online!


If you are planning a trip to the shop and would be more comfortable alerting us of any accessibility needs before your arrival, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your comfort and privacy are our priority! 

Entering the shop

Our store has two main entrances, one on Cornwallis St. that requires the use of one step, and one on Creighton Street that is totally flush with the street. We are able to prop open or hold this door if need be. Our accessible door is on the North side of our business and functions as a main entrance for the shop. We are getting a doorbell installed on January 17th (2020) for anyone who may need assistance opening the door (including couriers).

The Tare Shop Environment

While in our space you will find we chose to limit our café seating to a single community table and a window coffee bar to ensure folks have plenty of room to navigate through the room. In the majority of the shop you will find 4 to 7 feet wide corridors, with the exception of our small bulk wall behind the café which houses our spices, teas and beans. Please let us know if you would like access to a list of what we keep on our back wall or for us to pull anything off the shelf and bring it into the main bulk space for you to use. On our website you will find a full list of our bulk products.


Our public washroom is gender-neutral, barrier free and always unlocked. Inside you will find a sharps container. In the spring of 2020 we will be adding a folding change table.

Lights and sounds 

While we do often get very busy at the shop (and it can get loud), weekday mornings tend to be a great time to come in for anyone who is sensitive to stimulation. In the mornings (8-10am) we keep our music quiet and tend to have fewer bodies in the space. All of our lights are on dimmers and we are open to dimming them on request, though they are not excessively bright.


Our café table has ample room around it to sit with wheelchairs, walkers, strollers or support animals. We have a high-chair available by request. We are happy to bring your drinks or treats over to you at the table.Please let us know if we can assist you in regards to seating.

Bulk shopping

Typically our bulk shopping involves bringing in your own container(s) which we weigh before you fill them up from our jars. While it is typically self-serve, we recognize that there are many potential barriers that may make it difficult for folks to reach, carry, open and pour from our jars. If you anticipate having any difficulty with any or all of these steps, all of our staff are willing and able to facilitate bulk filling for you. If you’re comfortable identifying part of the process with which you may need assistance, please do so at either of our counters and we will readily assist you at no extra charge. For those who have difficulty reaching our top shelves, we have a 3-step stool available to use or staff will gladly grab them down for you. If the container you are bringing in to refill is large (for example, a 6 Litre laundry soap jug) and becomes too heavy, alert a staff member and they can facilitate filling it for you.

Staff are also available to assist you in packing up carrying your bulk goods to a vehicle if assistance is required or would make your experience easier. Your safety and comfort are priorities for us at the Tare Shop.

Social media

All of our captions on our social media posts include image descriptions (either in the caption itself or in the “alt text” function) for anyone who uses assistive screen reader technology. Our hashtags are all written in camelCase* to ensure legibility.

*camelCase is the practice of writing phrases such that each word or abbreviation in the middle of the phrase begins with a capital letter. This improves the legibility of the hashtags and allows screen readers to recognize separate words. For example, a regular hashtag might read “#thetareshop” whereas a camelCase hashtag would be written as “#TheTareShop”.

Budgeted Shopping

Would you like to shop in our bulk section but are unsure of how our prices compare to other stores? Buying a bulk item for the first time and interested to know what to expect in terms of cost? We are happy to help you estimate or weigh your products as you go so you can get a sense of the cost before filling your entire container. We are here to help and are aware that many people are shopping on strict food budgets. If budget is a concern for you and you have a sense of the volume of the containers you would like to fill, feel free to email us pricing questions we will get back to you with cost estimates.

Kid-friendly space

Coming to the shop with a child in tow? We’ve got a selection of toys and books to keep your little one busy, a high-chair available upon request and lots of room to navigate with strollers.


We offer 10% off in our bulk and lifestyle sections on Tuesdays for students with a valid ID. We offer 10% off in our bulk and lifestyle sections for seniors (65+) on Wednesdays.