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Zero Waste Laundry Tips

Doing laundry can not only be a long process but a wasteful one too. Not only the amount of water and energy you use when using a washer and dryer,...

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Eco-friendly Soap Nuts

A question we get asked a ton is: what the heck are soap nuts!? Soap nuts aren't actually a nut, but they are a dried berry! Soap nuts are traditionally found...

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Sustainable Travel Tips

Doesn't it seem like everyone and their dogs are travelling right now! It's all our feeds are full of and we love it – folks reconnecting with their families after...

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The perfect vegan chocolate cake

Who doesn't love a chocolate cake, let alone one that uses vegan ingredients and mostly package-free ingredients from The Tare Shop! One of our team members made this cake for...

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Plastic Free July: Week 2!

It's the second week of Plastic Free July! We hope you had fun with the tip 'Bring Your Own__, and were able to get creative with ways to bring your...

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Have you heard of wishcycling?

We’ve all done it. You’re holding something thinking “is this recyclable?” And then think that it must be so you toss it into the recycling and then that’s that! But...

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Plastic Free July: Week 1

It's #PlasticFreeJuly! Plastic Free July started in Australia in 2011 and has become a global movement to raise awareness about the plastic problem and encourage folks to create less waste.It's...

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