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Make Your Own DIY Body Scrub with Tare Shop All Natural Ingredients

Making DIY Body Scrubs is a fun, fast activity that you can do by yourself or with friends. All you need to get started is a jar/container, a spoon for mixing, and a couple of ingredients – most of them are probably already in your pantry! 

Homemade body scrubs often incorporate exfoliating ingredients that you are likely to already have in your home such as sugar, salt, oats or even coffee grounds and can be made using a variety of food safe oils that can be found at nearby grocery or convenience stores (if not in your own kitchen).

The zero waste recipe

Here’s a basic recipe for a sugar scrub in which you can substitute the extra virgin olive oil for another oil of your choice.

1 cup sugar
½ extra virgin olive oil*
¼ cup honey

To make the scrub you simply combine all the ingredients in your container of choice and then use the spoon to mix them together until they are well blended. 

How do I use it?

To use it, simply wet the skin of your hands or body with warm water and rub the scrub gently into your skin in circular motions. Wash off any remaining scrub and then gently towel the skin. 

The sugar in the scrub helps strip off dead skin cells that have collected on the body and make it easier for the skin to absorb and retain moisture but overuse can irritate or dry out the skin, so try using it once or twice a week and ease back or stop if you’re seeing irritation. Some articles also warn against using sugar scrubs on your face as the skin there can be more delicate.

*Common substitutes include coconut oil and sweet almond oil. 

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