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Planning a Sustainable Baby Shower

Baby Showers are such fun events, and it's so nice to be able to celebrate your loved one in this huge life change! One of our customers suggested putting together some tips for planning a baby shower in a way that was eco-friendly and we LOVED the idea!

This blog post has a ton of great info, but if you want a more detailed guide including 3 activities, recipes and more, click here to buy our Ultimate Baby Shower Planning Guide.

Notes: we always use inclusive language.

Sustainable Decorations

There are so many great tutorials on how to decorate low-waste, and here are 3 of our absolute favourites:

  • Paper or fabric bunting: such a fun and easy DIY!
  • Flowers or plants: use what you have or support a local florist!
  • Cookies as decorations: edible decorations? Yes please!
cookies decorate as onsies, strollers, rattlers
Tips for creating a mindful registry:

Having a detailed registry is so important to make sure the parents get what they actually need and want!

On my registry, we have a small registry from a local shop, but also asked for cash as we are trying to buy most things second-hand - there's no shame in asking for cash!

  • Ask the person what they want or need. This is where having a specific registry comes in handy! 
  • Make sure the parents to be have a registry in place or instructions for getting cash to them before sending out the invites so you can include it in the invites.
  • Try to support local. I think this goes without saying, but shopping locally is SO important. Try to find a baby store near you that does registries instead of just making one on Amazon or from a big box store.
  • As tempting as it is to just buy a TON of things for the baby (it's a really exciting time!) sticking to the registry is a really great way to ensure that the parents-to-be is getting useful items that they will actually use. If you do want to deviate, for example buying them art, ask their permission first! 
Sustainable Event Hosting

Hosting events can be quite wasteful, here are our 5 tips to hosting a more eco-friendly baby shower:

  1. Reusable dinnerware, utensils, napkins. Use or borrow your own, renting is a great option, or thrift some unique pieces!
  2. Make a plan for food waste. There likely will be leftovers despite careful planning. Ask your guests to bring containers for leftovers, or maybe a shelter or family near you would benefit from a delicious home-cooked meal.
  3. Skip the party favours. While they can be cute, most of the time party favours never get used. If you really want to do party favours try to think of ones that will be useful or useable by everyone.
  4. Sustainable decorations. Try decorating using sustainable and reusable decorations.
  5. Plan the food accordingly. Try to plan the meal out accordingly so there isn't way too much food.

Want our FREE Baby Shower Planning Checklist? Click here to download it! 

Do you want a guide with more detail? Buy our Baby Shower Guide!


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