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Three Ways to Make your Grocery Shopping Greener

Buy Bulk Buying pantry staples at bulk food stores allows you to shop package-free. The Tare Shop is just one example of a variety of stores that now let you bring your own containers and purchase goods by weight. This type of grocery shopping not only cuts down on packaging, but also lets you purchase only the amount you want, which helps cut back on food waste.  As a bonus, bulk food stores are great places to try new things, as you can just get a single serving, or enough of an ingredient for one batch, allowing you to test out foods before committing to purchasing a large amount. Bulk food stores seem to be constantly increasing the range of...

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How to Slow Down the Fast Fashion Cycle

Here are some tips so slowing down the fast fashion cycle and getting the most out of every piece of clothing. Give Your Clothes a Longer Life Span Repair You’ll be surprised at what can be fixed to leave your clothing looking good as new again. A few dollars spent at a tailor shop (or a little time spent sewing, if you’ve mastered the talent yourself) is an especially good decision if you’re hoping to renew a high-quality piece of clothing that was already an investment for your wardrobe. Don’t forget that shoe repair shops are a great option for renewing your favourite footwear as well. Cobblers are often able to work on other leather items, too, such as belts...

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How to Love Fashion, Sustainably

According to facts shared by Waste Reduction Week in Canada, North Americans alone send over 10 million tonnes of clothing to the landfill every year. A major contributor to this problem is fast fashion— cheaply made, low quality clothing that is cycled through stores quickly at low prices. Fast fashion’s prices can be tempting, but its disposable nature leads to more textile waste.  Here are some ways to participate in a more sustainable fashion cycle: Shopping Smart Not Fast Decide if you really need a new item If you are thinking about buying a new item specifically for a special occasion, you may often find that you already have a perfectly good outfit in your closet. Not everyone is able...

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Three Easy Zero Waste Household Alternatives (and the Disposable Products You Never Need to Buy Again)

Aspiring to have a zero waste household can be a daunting task, but starting with a few easy switches can provide the momentum you need to get going. Here are three changes I made in my own home to reduce my use of disposable products. I find I don’t even miss the original wasteful products, and I definitely don’t miss spending money on them. Stop using saran wrap and plastic sandwich bags Beeswax wraps never cease to impress me as (a far better) alternative to saran wrap. Use them over bowls of leftovers, wrapped around half-used fruits and veg in the fridge, or even in the place of plastic sandwich bags for packing snacks. They are durable, moldable and never...

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3 Ways To Embrace Sustainable Living Without Spending Money

It’s easy to get sucked into the belief that you need to buy a plethora of green products in order to embrace sustainable living.In my case, there was a sense of shame that accompanied the box of plastic wrap in my kitchen drawer after learning more about our single use plastic crisis.  But real, sustainable living means using what you have until the end of its life, and being mindful about your use of the earth’s resources. This seems increasingly difficult in this consumer driven society, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. By re-using and up-cycling what you have, and buying consciously when needed, you can make a huge impact on our environment! It’s wild to think that September...

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